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The Marine Reserve El Cabron

In the abrupt coastal zone of the municipality of Ag├╝imes, near the Beach ” el Cabron “, is one of the best zone of dive of the Island. This place was chosen to establish the Marine Reserve of Arinaga. It is a very famous dive spot for the lovers of the submarine world.

The site is constituted by a rocky tray on a depth about 12 m, lined by a falling wall which comes down to a depth of 23 m.

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On it falling, we can meet one of the most beautiful concentrations of species of the submarine world of the Canary Islands:

  • parrot fishes,
  • groupers,
  • trumpet fishes,
  • barracudas,
  • various ray,
  • multicolored Peacock,
  • moray eel,…

For the luckiest, it is not rare to observe the famous “angelote” or shark-angel, a totally harmless species with a particular form.