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Divemaster Internship

BUCEO SUR search intern Divemaster

We offer an interesting package:
  • Free teaching Divemaster course (off purchase of equipment and certification fees)
  • Free teaching equipment maintenance and filling tanks
  • Unlimited dives during the internship duration (great dives in the Marine Reserve of El Cabron)
  • An opportunity to gain experience and learn several task from a professional scuba center. This being mentored and supervised by an experienced professional

Required profile
We are looking for a dynamic individual with the following capacities:
  • Spanish speaking (Skype interview)
  • Complete personnal scuba gear (BCD, regulator, mask, snorkel, fins, swimsuit, computer, surface marker buoy, etc)
  • Rescue or N3 prefered. AOW or N2 with 50 dives at least
  • To be available 3 months (1 month of teaching and 2 months of training supervised by professionnals)
  • Be motivated, be friendly and be trusted

 tasks and duties
What we excepted:
  • Seriousness and enthusiasm during the training period as for the work period
  • Welcome international divers each morning in the scuba center
  • Be available6 days per 7 during the work period (a day off)
  • Guide divers underwater, once to have completed training and scuba spots learning (minimum 2 months)
  • Attend an instructor during the PADI training
  • Help to maintain scuba gear, to filled the tanks if/when necessary (this is just to give a help)
  • Have enough money aside to support herself( it is not a paid job)