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Tired of counting your time when you’re visiting a beautiful wreck?

Want to pass fewer time on decompression stop? Like to dive deep without accumulating nitrogen, being secure and comfortable? Discover TEK world. You will dive with 3, 4 o 5 tanks, with diferente mixes of oxygen. You will learn to change tanks and adopt the optimum mix. Our aluminium tanks are lighter, and won’t weight on your back but on your hips if you dive in sidemount. INTRODUCTION
  • Introduction Sidemount (1 dive with 2 tanks on the side of the body):80€
  • Introduction Backmount (1 dive with 2 tanks on the back):80€
  • Introduction TEK (1 dive with 1 tank and a decompression tank): 80€
Required: Advanced OW


  • Sidemount (4 days): 450€
  • Advanced Sidemount (2 dias): 250€
  • Sidemount+TEK40 with a decompression tank (5 days): 800€
  • Sidemount+TEK45 with 2 or more a decompression tanks (6 days): 1200€
  • Sidemount+TEK deep with 2 or more a decompression tanks (8 days): 1500€
Required: Advanced OW

DIVES: ask us!