Pictures of dive sites in Gran Canaria

We request some indulgence regarding the images published on this page. We are diving professionals, not photographers. However, these pictures will give you a nice overview of what you will be able to see with us. Don’t forget that what you will really  see through your mask will always be much better.

"El Cabrón" marine reserve - Arinaga

About 8 different dives for all levels between 10 and 30m

The reserve starts next to the dive center, so it's one of our favorite area. It is a marine reserve, offering the  most spectacular dives of the island with a lot of diversity. A must especially for cave lovers, but not only. Every day is different, it is just impossible to get tired of it. If you only have to dive in one place on the island, then it's in the Cabrón area.

"Risco verde" - Arinaga

For all levels between 6 and 18 m

One of the most famous dive spot on the island. 500m away from the club. We normally go there with beginners and courses needing shallow waters. But not only, as the place offers deeper parts, and is also appreciated by photographers and experienced divers for its brightness and the diversity of its fauna.



For all levels  between 10 and 22 m 

Another delighful place, far from mass tourism, but much appreciated by the locals. There are caves, frequently school of roncadores, and all the usual reef fish of Canary Islands' waters. Some have even seen hammerhead sharks ... It is exceptional, but it is the magic of the sea ...

Pasito blanco

For all level  between 15 and 23 m 

The boss's favorite spot in the south. A big reef laid as if by magic on an ultra bright white sandy bottom which attracts all the surrounding fauna. We usually meet there dozen of stingrays hidden in the reef. A very shy big diodon fish hides in a cave. It will be your challenge to find it! Access by boat from the port of Mogan.

Sardina del norte

All level - between 12 and 18m.

Easy, peaceful but amazing dive.

A small fishing village in  the most authentic area of the island with incredible charm. Gourmets love to eat on the harbor after the dives. It is the second favorite site for local divers, particularly appreciated by photographers. Famous for its huge school of barracuda and its angel sharks.

Mogan's wreck - Cermona 2

Between 15 and 20 m - From OpenWater level

Formerly a fishing boat, now a fishes' shelter. We meet there endless numbers of species including huge school of barracuda , many parrotfish, groupers, stingrays, morays, trompetfish… If lucky you might come across pelagic fishes such as amberjacks or some tuna. And the unique opportunity to meet underwater a real yellow submarine as in the Beatles' song.

Mogan 's wreck - Cermona 2

Caleta de Abajo

One of our favorite sites, only when the weather conditions are very favorable. 

Las Palmas's wreck - Arona

Between 25 and 35 m, from AOW

Only for experienced  advanced divers with deep speciality and with nitrox. And when sea conditions are very good. Without doubt the most spectacular wreck in the Canary Islands' waters.

More video see our youtube channel.