First dives

You want to discover the underwater world but you have no diploma? No worries!

Try scuba diving, we offer two options:

Introduction dive

1 dive/2,5h

Once equipped, you will dive in the sea in a protected area but rich of life. Just open your eyes, it is easy and safe.
It is not a course your instructor takes care of everything! For safety reasons, we dedicate ONE INSTRUCTOR PER DIVER.

Max. legal depth: 6 m

PRICE: 70€,  -10% from 3 people

FREE : We offer for free  picture of your dive underwater

Initiation (Discover and try scuba diving)

2 dives+theory/4,5 h

It is a basic course.

In a natural pool on the beach you will learn the basic gestures of diving (communication, emptying the mask, inflating and deflating the vest, etc.). Then head for a deeper area for a dive in real conditions.

Max. legal depth: 12 m

PRICE: 100 €, -10% from 4 people