Sidemount diving in Gran Canaria

Treat yourself, dive differently, dive sidemount.


Sidemount diving is not just about alternative configuration to backmount standard diving, it is an overall diving style. This will bring you flexibility, confort and freedoom


Apart from the gain in safety, comfort and the greater amount of air available, the Sidemount configuration provides you the feeling of flying underwater and the fluidity of movement. Better hydrodynamics for more pleasure and new sensations.

Gran Canaria the perfect place for Sidemount diving

With many spectacular wrecks and a volcanic topography, the seabed of Gran Canaria offers an amazing and great playground for learning and practicing Sidemount diving.

You will find cave, tunnels, arches and chimneys, as well as wrecks with penetration. Technicity, fun and safety.

Sidemount courses and packages

We dive with TECLINE Sidemount gears
We dive with TECLINE Sidemount gears

SSI Recreational sidemount diving course 


Course prerequisites :

Open Water Scuba Diver or greater, 30 logged dives

Medical certificate firmed by a doctor “fit to dive”



·      Full diving equipment rental (dive computer included)

·      Diving insurance for the duration of the course

·      Kit E-learning SSI

·      4 training dives

·      certification SSI recreational sidemount diving


Duration: 2-3 days