Go pro - Divemaster professional course

We offer Divemaster course training in Gran Canaria


Divemaster titulation will be your first step in the diving professional industry. we strongly believe this achievment is the most important.

You will be trained by very experienced instructor ( more than 10 year working as instructor ). We will give you quality training and we will work hard for you but you will have to earn your certification.


Our training includes :

  • Theoretical training
  • physical training
  • technical work to improve your diver skill up to professional level
  • all the standard program training (PADI or SSI)
  • and many, many real life dive “role play” guide but always under direct supervision of a professional instructor: minimum  50-60 dives!. 

At the end of your course you will be ready and qualified to work in the diving industry.

Not only get a new card. But you will have to earn it.


Prerequisites : 

  • Certified as a Rescue Diver or equivalent
  • At least 18 years old.
  • In good physical condition for diving
  • Medical exam form signed by a physician.
  • At least 40  open water dives to start the program.
  • Certified on a CPR and First Aid course in the last 24 months.


Duration :4 to 6 week - Minimum 4 weeks, you can extend your course if needed with no aditional charge -


During your course, you will spend all of your time learning to be a Divemaster, we will not ask you to work for free, to clean the office or to be at the desk. You will receive the education you need.


We want to remind the following things :

  • Work in a dive center has to be done by qualified profesional worker.
  • Work for free with no salary and no social security is ilegal in Spain (even in exchange for free training)
  • If you thing you need, some more experience, you will be welcome to do some aditional dive with us, for free. But it is your choice. You will never be asked to work for free. 

Price :

You will have to choose between the two best-known agencies PADI or SSI


Dive Master – trained by BUCEO SUR : 700 euro


You will have to add one of this following agency aditional cost : 


If PADI : PADI Divemaster pack include book and certification fees : +250 euros (  includes PADI Divemaster book and certification mandatory PADI fees ) 

If SSI : SSI Divemaster kit include E-learning and certification   fees : +150 euros (  includes SSI mandatory kit Dive Guide + Sciences of diving digital kit  and certification SSI fees ) 


If renting diving gear Full set diving gear renting :  +150 euros



You can find accomodation by yourself or we can help you. Please ask