About the choice of the agency of formation and certification.


It’s a common question.

In the diving industry, there are many possible choices : CMAS, PADI , SSI, SDI, ACUC, CEDIP, RAID, NAUI… and many more.

In our dive center everybody is welcome whatever the country, the language or the diving level. But also whatever the agency of its certification card.

In BUCEO SUR, we never think that a diver is more qualified, or less qualified because he has a certification card CMAS, PADI, SSI, RAID, ACUC, etc.

We also believe that all over the world, a diving centre affiliated to an organization will accept a diver certified by another agency, without discrimination. There are equivalencies and they are known, recognized and accepted by most professionals.

What really matters is not the logo of the card, but the skills of the diver.

We believe that the technical content of any first level training is very similar regardless of the agency.

For sure, some training organizations are better known than others  Does this mean that these organizations provide better quality training? No, we don't believe it!

We think it just means that these agencies spend a lot more money on marketing, communications and advertising.

For sure “Mac Donald” the most famous meal vendor. Is it the best quality food ? Everyone has its own opinion.


We strongly believe that what brings quality to a training is mainly :

·      The seriousness and the organization of the diving center

·      The motivation, experience and educational qualities of the instructor

·      The training conditions, the number of students with one instructor

·      Your involvement and personal skills as a student…


So a diving instructor or a dive center has to be affiliated with an organization to provide titulation and certification of  the level reached at the end of the training. But definitely, we think the choice of the agency is not so important.


Also there are theoretical concepts to understand and to know, but we believe that the most important takes place  underwater.

It is mainly underwater where  you will learn to be a diver, to be a safe diver and to be a skillful diver. Not in front of a screen.


We decided to affiliate our center to SSI and to favor this agency, because the theoretical part of the training is available in digital version in all languages and for a price which seemed reasonable to us.